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One of the leading companies in metalworking industry in Romania

The Rotec Group consists of 3 companies:
Rotec SA, Camiro Import-Export SRL and Forja Rotec SRL. Rotec was established in 1971 and operated as a state-owned company until 2001 when it was privatized. In 2005, following the outsourcing of the purchasing department, Camiro Import-Export was established. In 2011, following the separation of the forging and heat treatment workshops, Forja Rotec SRL was founded.
Since then Forja Rotec SRL had both a continuous financial growth (from 2010 annual revenue of 600.000 EUR to 2016 annual revenue of 17 mil. EUR) and a production increase (from max 8 tones/product in 2010 to max 22 tones / product in 2015). Based on constant investments, both in modern machinery and human resources, as well as on the extensive know-how, the company is keeping long-term relationships with its business partners. Its activity is a contribution to the sustainable development of natural and social envi- ronments. Company’s main products are
shafts for the naval industry, mechanical gears and also shafts for the energy industries and many types of valves, pipes, flanges, connecting parts and other accesories for the oil and gas industries.
At the moment Forja Rotec is expanding its activities with Machining operations and hiring more than 200 employees. Forja Rotec is investing in training courses for its staff and trying to keep everyone plugged in with high targets in order to create competition.

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